BRAYCE Annual Appeal

As always, we depend upon and deeply appreciate the support of individuals and businesses who recognize the value of the BRAYCE Foundation mission.

Every dollar we receive from donors like you helps to cover an estimated average cost that can reach up to $5,000 for each young person, whether they be Brazilians visiting the US for leadership training or American students interning and teaching in Brazil.

There are many ways you can help us build a strong and vibrant cultural exchange program to enrich the lives of our young people and the lives of the disadvantaged in Brazil, particularly Rio de Janeiro, Paraty and São Paulo.

If you would like to donate now, we very much appreciate your generosity and will send you a formal thank you letter that your gift is tax deductible to the limits allowed by the IRS for registered 501(C) 3 organizations.

You can download and print the BRAYCE Donation Form and mail a check to:
17 Baker Road
Chester, CT 06412

You can donate online using your credit card by clicking on the secure PayPal button below:

Every penny raised from donations goes to the costs of the exchange program and development expenses.
The Calder family covers all administration and office expenses.
If you enter your email or postal address we will also send you our latest Newsletter and place you on the mailing list to receive future issues.

Sustained Commitment

  • Annual funding donations
  • Fully sponsor a young leader
  • Start an Endowment in your name or that of a loved one
  • Contribute to the BRAYCE YOUTH Endowment Fund
  • Provide additions to the English language Library at Terra Encantada (audiotapes, computer programs, books, videos, CDs, DVDs)
  • Become a Godparent/Mentor (ongoing)
  • Provide funding for college/further education

Donations to Fund Participants

Per young Brazilian visiting Camp Hazen

  • Camp Hazen Fee $1,300
  • Air Travel $1,500
  • English Tuition $350
  • Clothing and Travel Gear $350
  • Insurance $200
  • Passport and Visa $250
  • Brazil Travel (to passport offices and consulates, twice) $250
  • US Travel (JFK/Chester/JFK)  $120
  • Spending $ in US (Camp average) $50
  • Journaling/Diary materials $25
  • Name Tags for Clothing $10

Per young American interning in Brazil

  • Accommodation $1,800
  • Meals $1,000
  • Air Travel $1,500
  • Stipend $850
  • Insurance $200
  • Passport and Visa $250
  • US Travel (Passport, consular offices, airports) $250
  • Rio City Travel $450

Additional items that support the program

  • In-kind Support, for example:

– Frequent Flyer Miles
– Website Maintenance
– Printing Services
– Refreshments for Events
– Clothing, footwear and travel gear

Thank you again!

If you are interested in more information, exploring or helping with one or more of these options, please contact us

BRAYCE is a registered 501 (c) 3 tax exempt organization