What We Do

We Change a Life, Make a Difference, help young people Build a FutureOne Person at a Time.

We facilitate a Cultural Exchange Program. We bring Brazilian High School students from favelas in Brazil to Camp Hazen for Leadership and Counselor training and send American college age students to perform community service in those same favela communities.

Since its inception in 2005, BRAYCE has facilitated 34 successful cultural exchanges with 5 more scheduled for 2014. We have nine partners including Camp Hazen. We also partner with highly esteemed colleges in the Eastern United States, including Brown and Yale Universities.

How is BRAYCE transforming lives?


Brazilian Youth

  • Gain fluency in English
  • Learn to be independent
  • Develop many new skills
  • Are subjected to extraordinary life changing experiences
  • Form life-long friendships all over the world
  • Gain confidence to plan and build a future

American Youth

  • Have a life-changing experience
  • Immerse in a totally different culture
  • Become inspirational role models for the favela children they teach
  • Promote cultural interaction
  • Significantly improve Portuguese language skills
  • Open doors to graduate studies, future employment and long-term career prospects.

Download the BRAYCE Brochure English / Portuguese