Success Stories

“This opportunity you have given me was more than a dream realized and all the words in the world are not sufficient to say how happy I am.”

“I realize that the way I thought before is completely different from how I think now. Now I am more responsible and doing everything I can to make a better future for myself, which means having a good education, studying and thereby being completely independent.”

“I feel like speaking fluently now and I also started having dreams in English. I feel much more responsible now. I will now be a good example to kids by behaving well and teaching them what I learned. In other words, putting into practice the skills I have learned on the leadership course.”

“When I started here I was just a young girl missing home, but now I am a young leader ready to share knowledge. Before I started I understood 40% of conversation, now I understand 95% – that is amazing.”

“I have returned with the belief that anything is possible particularly in my personal life and how I think about the world and my place in it.”

“The Camp Hazen experience had a huge and amazing impact on my life – this is an experience for sharing with everybody in my entire life. Now I have a big dream to pursue journalism or international relations that is not impossible.”

“I have more courage to put my ideas into practice now and this has already helped me deal better with difficult situations. It taught me how to treat children and my LEAdership experience has enabled me to put into practice some of the things I learned with great success.”